Holiday tree or Christmas tree?  If it’s just a holiday tree then why don’t we decorate Douglas Firs for Labor Day and Halloween?  We decorate evergreens this time of year because Christmas Day approaches, however.

Good grief, if just one person is upset we need to spoil joy for everyone

Some towns and cities have worked to appease the politically correct by calling it a holiday tree as if there’s no specific religious reference.

Now a small town in New Hampshire has discovered the slight of tongue doesn’t satisfy everyone.  Good grief, if just one person is upset we need to spoil joy for everyone.

When a rabbi wanted to place a Menorah next to the tree the city balked, assigned him another park and gave him just one night for display.  A decision was made to even end the holiday tree custom when the rabbi objected.

Now, with public pressure on the side of the tree, a town hall meeting is scheduled to reconsider.  Christmas trees, for the uninitiated, are never mentioned in the Bible.  Therefore, the shift to “holiday tree”.

Additionally, the Supreme Court has ruled public parks can’t accommodate expressions from every possible religion.  It would clutter the public space beyond reason.

The town’s hemming and hawing don’t help ease tensions between faiths.  It only raises old prejudices.

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