Police in Chubbuck have a detailed picture of a car used by a man considered armed and dangerous.  He’s alleged to have opened fire on a police car early Tuesday morning.  The patrol vehicle was peppered with gunfire.  The officer inside wasn’t hit.

The alleged gunman’s car is a black Honda Civic.  The mirrors on the driver and passenger sides appear to be of different colors and styles.  The car has a sun roof.  It appears to be an older Civic, perhaps coming off an assembly line in the late 1990s.  The driver had been pulled over just after 1 o’clock in the morning Tuesday.

The rear dash of the car appears to have some damage and the paint has faded over time.  The car has a sunroof.

It’s possible the license plates have since been changed.

If you can assist Chubbuck Police, telephone the following number:


The car may not have originally been black.  Police believe it’s possible it has been repainted in the past and could possibly be repainted again this week.

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