TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – Members of the City Council caught a glimpse of what the new Council Chambers will look like during a tour of the future Twin Falls City Hall on Monday.

Council members toured both the City Hall and Public Safety building before their regularly scheduled meeting that evening, and the consensus seems to be that they were impressed by what they saw.

Several rooms and offices are carpeted and being used in the Public Safety building, while much of City Hall has been framed.

“It’s a little hard to conceptualize right now,” Councilman Chris Talkington said of the City Hall's Council Chambers, which is beginning to take shape in the building but is still void of carpet and chairs.

The room is in the basement, but it’s an open-air concept that will allow visitors on the second floor to look down on the meetings. Monitors will be included in the chambers and in an overflow room on the second floor.

Councilman Greg Lanting said he is impressed with the way the building is taking shape. Before they left the chambers, Lanting, Talkington and Councilwoman Nikki Boyd wrote their names on an unfinished wall behind wooden frames.

Lanting said that if the walls were ever to be removed decades from now, maybe someone will see his name.

City Manager Travis Rothweiler said both buildings and the downtown renovation project are on schedule to all be finished this October.

The main level of City Hall will welcome visitors with a modern lobby and have departments accessed more frequently by the public. The second floor will hold construction services departments such as engineering and planning and zoning. The third floor will house the economic development, human resources, finances and IT departments.

And there's enough space to grow. The building is about 50,000 square feet, Assistant City Manager Mitch Humble previously told News Radio 1310, but the city will at first use only about 32,000 square feet.

Currently, the facade of the future City Hall is decked in green, awaiting its permanent coverings. Darker stone will be included at the bottom of the building, lighter stone above that.

"I like the green," quipped Mayor Shawn Barigar while standing outside the building. "It gives it accent."

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