TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-The artificial skating rink once used in Twin Falls is now headed to the City of Rupert. This week the Twin Falls City Council signed off on an agreement to donate the skating rink equipment used during the winter season to the community of Rupert which has a similar attraction every year.

Twin Falls Skate Rink Didn't Get Much Use

The skating rink was originally started by the Urban Renewal Agency (URA) when an urban renewal district existed in the downtown area, according to the city staff report given to council members. The URA purchased the equipment in 2019 and set up the rink in the Downtown Commons area during subsequent winters and was not used this last winter season. According to staff the management of the rink was originally outsourced to a third party and then shifted to the Twin Falls Parks and Recreation Department. The staff report indicated that use of the rink had minimal use by the public and became difficult to staff resulting in the attraction being subsidized. Eventually once the urban renewal district for downtown dissolved the City of Twin Falls took ownership of the equipment.

City of Rupert Given Skate Rink Equipment for Their Successful Attraction


The Twin Falls Parks and Recreation Department proposed to donate the rink and other equipment associated with it to the City of Rupert after it had expressed interest. Monday evening the council voted in favor of donating the faux ice panels, 60 pairs of various sized skates, along with the skate sharpening equipment. City staff said the estimated value of the equipment, after depreciation, was a little more than $15,000.

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