Is there a polite way to tell the federal government to get the heck out?  I came across this story at the Facebook page of Idaho on Fire.  I vaguely recall having a discussion with someone several weeks ago about H.R. 3195.

It’s a bill crafted by Democrats in Washington.  Many of whom would be happy if the Mountain West was emptied of people.  Then Pelosi and the gang could jet out here for a couple of weeks every summer and inspect how the land was faring without the human pests.  In other words, it would be a private playground for political elites.

In other words, it would be a private playground for political elites.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I like parks and I make frequent visits to state and national parks, however.  I like to eat three times a day.  There are other uses for western land.  Cattle and soybeans come to mind and it seems to me there’s room for both sightseeing and grazing.

When I shared the Forbes story on my own Facebook page, there were some interesting comments.

Here’s one:

“Back in the 1960's, as a boy I read the book "None Dare Call it Treason". The book stated that there were three targets in the way of taking out our country. Religion, the Family, and private property. The Supreme Court took out Prayer in school, the War on Poverty promoted fatherless households, and not surprisingly we have had this and redevelopment agencies putting control of your property in the hands of the Government.”

Here’s another:

” I don't think you'll find a lot of support among Idahoans for the privatization of public lands, Bill. Even among the most conservative of us. The author of this article acts as though the BLM is going to land auctions and outbidding private interests. This is not the case. Any of these land deals that I'm aware of come about when a private owner wants to provide public access to their land in perpetuity. The only way for them to insure that is to negotiate a sale to the Federal government, usually brokered by some conservation organization with the help of private funds. The Wealth of Nations is a great book, but I don't think that Adam Smith's analysis of the Crown Lands in England has any bearing in discussions about our public lands. They're vastly different in terms of management and value to the citizenry.”

The last writer does follow up with a comment about supporting property rights.

We need to put some sanity back into the debate.  Such as looking out for the people.  I’m told we aren’t servants of government.

Clearing the land of the human weeds. Picture by Bill Colley.