Let’s say you wake tomorrow and discover a new United Nations mandate, supported by our own government, has banned pumping oil.  Oh, and fracking for natural gas and nuclear power are outlawed.

Meanwhile heating your home now requires wood. Or whatever sagebrush you can scrounge.

In a couple of days your car runs out of gas and you now must walk or bike from Buhl to Twin Falls for work.  At 5:00 A.M., before sunrise and sometimes in snow and ice.  Meanwhile heating your home now requires wood.  Or whatever sagebrush you can scrounge.

How long before the global economy tanks and billions freeze and starve?

I’m a big proponent of solar power.  The sun will come up every morning for a very, very long time.  It’s just at the moment we’re not ready to transition civilization away from traditional fuels.  I saw a post on the web about the recent cold snap in the Northern Midwest and Northeast.  In New England 80 percent of the fuel used to keep people warm came from oil, natural gas and nuclear.  These are all enemies of granola chomping leftists and just like they did with coal they plan to put these industries out of business.

Then they call themselves compassionate.  They claim if we don’t starve and freeze 5 billion people today we may have scarcity 100 years in the future.  Again, “may” have scarcity due to climate change.  Currently, I’m not freezing.  I’ll take my chances with what I know today against what may or may never occur.

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