I haven’t read many positive stories about Idaho’s wolf hunt.  As you already know, the state has approved a massive effort to reduce the population by 90 percent.  A population once projected to remain steady at 150 when the animals were reintroduced has ballooned to 1500.  I’ve had some people tell me the 1500 is a very conservative estimate. 

Wolves were gone for a century and the eco-system didn’t collapse.

Montana is also partaking in the hunt.  They’ve got a similar problem with the numbers of wolves skyrocketing and the animals, keep in mind, the animals don’t know state and national boundaries.

The stories I’ve read come from a parade of environmental groups and they insist we’re better off with a large population of wolves.  The writers generally refuse to even consider the stories of depredation.  Ranchers and farmers are often portrayed as greedy and their stories of losses aren’t treated as being very real.  Funny, a granola gobbling tree spiker in Seattle knows more about life here than people actually living in Idaho.

Then I came across a story out of Colorado.  Where the politics are purplish to blue.  The writer appears to be sharing our experience as a cautionary tale when it comes to reintroducing wolves there.  It’s rare any longer to see anyone in mainstream media make an effort when it comes to being fair.

Wolves were gone for a century and the eco-system didn’t collapse.  Altered, yes, but it didn’t collapse.  After nature made it’s adaptations you could argue the return of wolves was like releasing an invasive species.

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