These were the same people who dropped speed limits 30 years ago.  How did that work out?  When driving in Montana, you need some demolition derby skills.

I had an extended weekend and came across a story about states that still allow texting when driving.  Only one does—our massive neighbor to the east.  A majority of Montana’s legislators remain resistant to cellphone laws.  Some local governments have acted and passed their ordinances.  But at the Capitol in Helena, not so much.  Maybe legislators have concluded that it wouldn’t matter.  After all, how many people take it seriously elsewhere?

I live in Twin Falls and mainly drive in Idaho.  It's a short drive across town and I usually see people on their phones and often texting at stoplights.  Frequently they don’t see the light change and don’t move until horns from other cars start blaring.

Several years ago I was at a rest stop on Interstate 81 in Upstate New York.  I was talking with a trooper and he told me the state’s ban on cellphone use while driving was the most ignored law he had ever witnessed.  More so than speeding!

A few weeks ago I was on a back road while driving in Jerome County.  I had stopped and parked to take pictures of the beautiful scenery.  My phone started ringing.  It was Sergeant Ken Mencl from the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office.  I was happy to tell him I was pulled over and parked.  I would be mortified if I was stopped for texting or talking on my phone when driving.  I’ll be a little more alert during my next trip to Montana.

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