This morning, I came across this story from Associated Press and assume it’s a movement gaining traction:

St. Anthony, Idaho (AP) -- City officials in St. Anthony have decided to ban smoking and vaping at all public parks. The Rexburg Standard Journal reports that the St. Anthony City Council approved the proposal Thursday to take effect immediately.

As a non-smoker, I really don’t care if you can’t puff away next to me, but vaping is essentially harmless to your neighbors in a park, beach or at work.  As for actual tobacco, for all you smokers out there, just be grateful you’re allowed to use a very dangerous drug legally.  Yes, it’s legal, but only because 400 years ago colonialists and kings realized it was profitable long before most health hazards were known.  No tobacco addict has any right to whine about meth, marijuana or cocaine.  Those drugs are illegal because they were Johnny-Come-Lately.  If not for a powerful lobby in the Carolinas and an overseas market, tobacco would’ve been banned long ago.

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