By smoking a lot of the stuff!

Marijuana, marijuana, principals grow it, teachers smoke it, why can’t we, why can’t we?

I remember that ditty from my days in grade school when none of us even knew what marijuana was.  Other than an episode of Dragnet where two stoned parents forgot their child was in a running bathtub.  The baby drowned.

In the small town where I grew up, the pot didn’t arrive until sometime in the 70s, well behind the national fad.  One of the local churches aired Reefer Madness on a Friday night.  We spent winters sledding, skating, or watching our great high school basketball team in action.  In summer we rode our bicycles and went to the lake for swimming.

By the time I was in high school, I knew many stoners.  The listless guys sat through every class like a lump of protoplasm.  Maybe some did well later in life.  I personally can testify most didn’t.

Now, there is new research that suggests smoking marijuana could be far worse for your lungs than previously recognized.  Worse than cigarettes.  So much for the claims of the potheads who squeal whenever I write about the impact that there are no harmful effects.  Or they deflect and say booze and cigarettes are worse.  In this case, cigarettes actually do less harm.

When that doesn’t work, the burnouts start name-calling.  Look in the mirror and realize you’re hurting yourselves.

This country has more than its share of physical and social ills.  Do we really need to create new ones?

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