From time-to-time you've heard Lt. Colonel Steve Hyle (USAF, Retired) on my show.  Colonel Hyle today announced his candidacy for President and shared some thoughts on his cabinet appointees:

What would you expect from a guy from Ohio?
What would you expect from a guy from Ohio?
RUMINATIONS - by the Yankee Sky Dog.
Breaking from Tradition

Earlier today in a much heralded news release I announced that I will be a candidate for President of the newly formed GOP. (Gasping Old Party).   I am also breaking from tradition by announcing early on who the Key Members of my Administration will be if I'm elected your next President.

Vice President – William Shatner – He will be superb in helping guide the country through our new Enterprise.

Secretary of Vice  (a new Cabinet position) – Tom Hyle – my brother. If JFK could have Bobby, why can't I have Tom. He's been in banking for over 40 years so he knows everything about vice, avarice and greed.

Secretary of State – Benjamin Netanyahu – He has never met a Muslim he likes. I like that about him.

Secretary of Defense – Dick Cheney – Can you imagine what he can do if he is completely unfettered or reined in...which he won't be.

Secretary of the Treasury – The Koch Brothers. The country needs someone who knows how to make big money for the country.

Secretary of Commerce – Donald Trump. Knows a thing or two about business.

Secretary of Agriculture – Michael Moore. Being the very epitome of a pig, he would be well qualified to wallow in what he puts out.

Director of Homeland Security – General George Patton. I will have him cloned. I figure he can close down the Mexican border in about 3 days. And if he wanted to use Mosques throughout the country as target practice for his be it.

Secretary of Health and Human Services – Don Rickles. He's such a compassionate guy.

Education Secretary – No One. We have enough knowledge challenged kids in America

IRS Director – No One. IRS? What IRS?

National Security Adviser – No Need. With Cheney and Netanyahu at Defense and State, and Patton at Homeland Security, who needs a national security adviser?

CIA Director – Bill Clinton. Hate to do it, but who else in the country knows more about “going undercover” and clandestine operations?

FBI – Rudy Giuliani – Takes no prisoners. Doesn't have to.

Press Secretary – Megyn Kelly. It's obvious.

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