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This story had been pronounced dead several weeks ago and now it has been resurrected.  I wrote about the unusual drone sightings in Eastern Colorado and Western Nebraska.  People on the ground in large numbers reported in late December and early January they were seeing drone swarms.  It wasn’t mass delusion.  Law enforcers sometimes followed the drones.

Which leaves the possibility we’re being visited from outer space.

The craft appeared to be flying patterns.  Early speculation was someone was mapping a farm.  But no farmers made claim to the drone air force.  The actual United States Air Force made it clear it wasn’t launching drones.  Law enforcement said it had no drones in the air.

So, the State of Colorado flew by with a high tech plane with infrared sensors.  It found no drones.  If there ever were drones flying patterns, someone grounded them and then never launched them again.  And someone must also be very good at keeping a secret.

The latest development comes from a publication called the Drive.  A Freedom of Information inquiry shows the Air Force was very concerned (there are missile silos dotting the region).  The Air Force also doesn’t have any concrete answers.

Can you say spooky?

A few months ago I was reading an unrelated story about UFOs.  It seems many of the reports received in recent years place unidentified objects near silos, nuclear power plants and nuclear powered ocean going ships.  Submarines included.  Should we be concerned?  If the Chinese or Russians had any such technology, they likely would’ve obtained it from our military via espionage.  Which leaves the possibility we’re being visited from outer space.

Or some kids in Nebraska with some 40 dollar drones are having great fun!

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