I’m an aging white guy.  In 53 years on the planet I’ve never felt like anything but white and anything but a guy, although.  I suppose silk underwear could feel nice but it’s got nothing to do with identity confusion.  I rolled into work about 5:00 o’clock this morning and saw the story about the NAACP official in Spokane who is apparently white and passes herself off as black.  I heard a state leader of an NAACP organization back east last year say white people were welcome in the NAACP.  He also said with changing demographics in twenty years white Americans will be begging to join.  At least twenty years have passed since I read a story about a black couple in the Deep South who in the early 1900s passed off themselves as white.  The man was the town doctor and it was good for business.

This morning’s show was a busy one with discussion about an upcoming concert featuring Madison Rising (one of the band members was on the program) a call for allowing the Bible as a teaching tool in state schools and today’s U.S. House votes on fast track trade agreements.  I never got to the point on the agenda where news from Spokane got a hearing.  First, it’s a long drive.  While I live in Idaho from the southern part of the state I’d be on the road a good 8 to 9 hours to get to Spokane even though Washington is an adjacent state.  Had I a third hour, though, this topic may have been a spellbinder.  The woman in question is a native of Montana and appears to have grown up as lily-white as possible.  Now she has changed her hairstyle and assumed the role of a light-skinned black woman.  She teaches at a college and it may have helped her land the gig.  Hey, it worked for Elizabeth Warren and Ward Churchill!  The woman in Washington State has apparently been a tireless advocate for a community commonly known today as African-American, which would mean she’s an asset for the NAACP and looks out for the needs of people-of-color.  Had it been an on-air topic today I would’ve still relentlessly mocked her.  As are many black activists.  It was only after the show I had an epiphany.  As you can read here the Marxists and victimologists at Salon don’t like what the woman did.  How dare she be born a white woman and then identify as black?  Oh, did you liberals just step in the collective cow-pie!  Check out this contrarian view at the Federalist.  Yes, if Rachel Dolezal isn’t black, how is Caitlyn Jenner a woman?  In a one sentence title Sean Davis has taken down 50 years of identity politics.  Jenner was born a white man but had the tender feelings of a woman.  All I guess while heaving a discus and tossing a javelin.  And he sired children with the lovely Linda Thompson.

The lobby arguing for Jenner stretches credulity.  As does Dolezal.  Frankly, they both appear to be suffering from delusions, that is, mental disorders.  The mental illness theory is now considered mean-spirited and to mention it could bring you loss of job, exile and probably soon threats of prison because you’re a denier.  We’ve remade the entire country by catering to people who aren’t quite sure what they are (to borrow from Harry Reid speaking to Mitch McConnell go look in the bathroom mirror).  Since we’re on the topic of potential mass mental illness let’s consider as this link explains the numbers of sexually confused are ridiculously low.  Where are we going to draw the line when the lines are erased and considered bad form?  Lock away your barnyard animals at night!

One tangentially related thought about Dolezal.  She claims to have been harassed by white racists on 9 instances in Idaho.  Police have only three complaints and found all unsubstantiated.  This notion Idaho is a hotbed of Klan activity is itself an insult and a form of prejudice.  I came here 6 months ago and was told there hasn’t been any such talk in over twenty-years.  I suspect it has more to do with the infamous standoff at Ruby Ridge between Randy Weaver’s family and an overzealous government.  It happened near the Canadian border 23-years-ago and the only comparable story I can think of is the Nez Perce effort to flee to Canada in a previous century.  Weaver is on record offering a distinction.  He’s not a supremacist.  He was a separatist.  In other words he and his family simply wanted to be left alone.  The Weavers may have been the last Americans truly knowing who they were and what they wanted.

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