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Well over two-thirds of Idahoans want drag shows banned where children could be present.  The figure is 70 percent.  Fewer than 25 percent believe children should be exposed.  The numbers come from the Idaho Family Policy Center.  IFPC has a sponsor in the State Senate for a bill that would ban public displays.  Drag queen performances could still take place in private venues and commercial enterprises designed for adults.

Three-quarters of the people surveyed want schools and public libraries to keep pornography out of sight and hands of our kids.

71 percent believe biological males should be barred from sharing women’s bathrooms and locker rooms.  68 percent want a ban on mutilating children suffering from gender confusion.  I’m surprised the number isn’t higher.  One hospital company in Idaho recommends surgeries or puberty blockers for children.  It’s a profitable enterprise for the morally bankrupt.

Last year, some influential legislators blocked the advancement of a bill that would’ve removed pornography from the shelves.  One national library association is lobbying to keep pornography, arguing that it’s good for your kids!

We’re not talking about Democrats blocking the new laws.  The powerful are Republicans.  Why would they make such a choice?  Do they want you to bring your children out so that they may know them?  Do they approve of mutilating 12-year-olds?  Do they want to look over your little girls in locker rooms?  Or have they been cowed by the liberals dominating Idaho news media?

Children and children’s safety should be priority number one.  There are no excuses.

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