Why does Lefty say we must respect other cultures but he works to dilute ours? I mean, when it comes to the Islamic World, Asia and Africa we have to follow some version of Star Trek’s Prime Directive. On the other hand we need all the poor and sick from around the planet no matter how ill our own economy. Why the rush to change our culture? Why is it the only one needing a cure? In some countries men are marrying little girls and using small boys as you would a woman. Women are burned for perceived infractions, can’t drive and are buried to their waists and stoned to death.

Try and talk about this publicly and Lefty will start shouting you down. Witness the exchange between Ann Coulter, Bill Maher and his panel a few days ago. Coulter annoys Lefty because she’s smart, good looking and doesn’t speak politically correct. When pressed about facts in her new book about immigration dangers she admits numbers are difficult to find, although. New York State publishes data on origins of prison populations and she has tried to extrapolate. Elsewhere the figures may be suppressed on purpose. Watch this video and hear her explanation. You’ll also listen to Maher make jokes about an “imaginary Jesus” and just offering insults in place of any facts. The other guests are only there to be offended and plumb for more liberal votes. Aside from the emotional arguments Coulter is alone with facts.

Speaking of Maher, he and Mitt Romney now have something in common. They blame Confederate flags for racial violence. Actually Maher goes quite a bit further as you can read here. Can anyone actually tell me of a documented instance since the Civil War where someone killed for an old sectional flag? Or when was the last time someone listening to Limbaugh, Levin or Beck killed in their names? Lefty makes a lot of noise about hate radio, hate flags and hateful Coulter but just like the link to Maher’s show there’s no evidence. This isn’t Rwanda. There radio announcers encouraged a bloodbath but it was already poised to explode. Funny, Lefty won’t take any credit for promoting assaults on police. Or maybe he does and therefore projects the same violence on the right?
Ultimately there is a point I’m making. All speech is good for them. All speech isn’t good for us and we’re considered a twisted culture. As you can read here Hillary Clinton not only desires to eliminate the Second Amendment but also the First. The bad guys are now operating in the open and a great many people consider their cause good.
Where do we go now? American colleges have raised up several generations to be offended and afraid of their own shadows. A friend this weekend sent me a list of major legislative actions ignored last week as media can only chase one firetruck at a time. He suggests the economy never recovered from the 2000 meltdown much less the 2007 meltdown and this next week Greece experiences the China syndrome. The worldwide contagion could bring about worldwide depression.

Even so called champions of the people like Bernie Sanders went this weekend to Denver, Colorado and spent his time railing against a government that won’t buy rubbers for the sexually active. Doesn’t anyone ever contemplate the fall of Rome or dozens of cultures since the Roman collapse? A culture we once knew may have been a bulwark but now we face ridicule for clinging to God and guns. So the doors are open and people are coming here from around the globe and we welcome them with something akin to the Baltimorization of America. No wonder they come here, look around and then declare for Jihad. We should be doing the same thing, don’t you think?

Silencing the politically incorrect.
Silencing the politically incorrect.

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