Define conspiracy theories?  Glenn Beck spoke to a majority of Idaho state legislators on Tuesday.  A reporter from the Idaho Press was one of the few people from mainstream media who believed the event was worthy of a story.  She described Beck as a conspiracy theorist.  Keep in mind, mainstream media promoted stories about Donald Trump being an agent of the Kremlin.  Is that tale a conspiracy theory?

Guessing a Reporter's Bias

The late Andy Rooney once said he could guess the political leanings of most reporters by reading their copy.  That was during a time when reporters claimed they strived to sound objective.  I suppose some still make the same case but I’ve seen very little objectivity over the last 20 years.  A reporter once told me he was a moderate.  “I can spot a liberal at 1,000 feet,” was my reply.  He dropped the lie and then defended his liberal bias.

A Handful Will Give You a Fair Shake

There are a handful of straight shooters.  A few years ago a reporter from the Washington Post came to Idaho and he did an interview with me about a topic I no longer recall.  I do remember the following day he had a story published that was incredibly fair.  Funny, before he left town I was walking the canyon trail and rounded a corner and he was doing the same.  We had a 15-minute conversation about the view and didn’t spend one word on news.  How come the world no longer acts that way?

Beck spoke to our legislative contingent about a growing movement to apply social credit scores to American businesses.  He asked to give the briefing.  The man has sourced his evidence.  As many of you know, he’s a part-time Idaho resident.

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