I won’t say taxes is a dirty word. I do conclude the people who collect our taxes are filthy no good bast****! I’m not opposed to paying taxes. Perhaps a national sales tax is needed. A “user” tax. You can avoid taxation by buying less. I’m opposed to the guy who’ll fine or jail me because I had a decimal point in the wrong place as he confiscated a share of my income. And you know some of them get a sadistic thrill and sure power trip.
I open with the taxman because it’s a fine example of how far away the country has drifted from its founding values. True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht has sat in a radio studio with me and talked about restoring our national values. This was just as the Internal Revenue Service began its effort to silence her, her family and her organization. Who is she? Check out this link for some details about a very courageous American.

Is the sun setting on the Land of Liberty? Courtesy, Bill Colley
Is the sun setting on the Land of Liberty? Courtesy, Bill Colley

I’m a believer we can no longer trust government because we can’t any longer trust the un-elected bureaucrats who actually do the governing. See this story from the Daily Signal. This is the second time in the last couple of weeks the Signal has detailed the plight of decent North Carolinians harassed by government. An old law, which we were promised would make us safer and remove dope dealers from streets is being used to abuse law abiding businessmen and women. We were promised it would be used judiciously, however. There isn’t much until lately a judge could say about civil asset forfeiture. Two cases from North Carolina and how many thousands more across 49 other states over a period of a couple of decades? Don’t these agents go around town and ask about the character of the lives being ruined? Of course not. The goal is to pocket the money and buy more toys for intimidating the next round of fellow Americans. In the latest example cited the couple won a reprieve but now the government’s jackbooted thugs refuse to pay the legal costs the victims incurred. And then the Obama gang and its media minions wonder why the Tea Party and patriots organizations arose organically from the soil.
The latest con from Washington is Mr. Obama sounding a lot like his predecessor in telling us we can trust the National Security Agency and its vacuuming of personal records. No one, we’re told, has any reason for worry. “If you’re not doing anything wrong you’ve nothing to fear,” is a phrase easily translated from the 1930s German. Here’s a link from a Fox News program where columnist George Will suggests government suffers from a credibility problem.
Others argue the program isn’t just “harmless” but is keeping us safe, although. The FBI can’t point to any successful cases cracked by the NSA program and Orwellian named Patriot Act. Maybe we’ve not experienced another 9-11 because we were fighting the baddies on their own turf for well over a decade. Now we’ve packed up some gear (while leaving billions of dollars in equipment behind) and come home. Now what? Does it mean we start battling them here in the streets? Yes, I think so. Or at least “actionable intelligence” will suddenly appear warning us the Walmart in Ames, Iowa is going to be hit next. Maybe it really will be now that we’ve left foreign battlefields. If the NSA can’t continue legally snooping there are a couple of outcomes here. The bureaucrats will be drooling over the possibility of an attack in order to bring us back to their position or they’ll simply go on filching details of your life without permission. It’s not like heads will roll if their efforts become public. Just look at the IRS. No one has gone to jail. No one went to jail when the FBI kept dossiers on millions during the Hoover years. No one went to jail after Randy Weaver’s family was shot to hell. No one went to jail for roasting Branch Davidians. You may not have liked any of these people but let’s start by saying all were denied due process of law. And the children barbecued at Waco were truly innocents.
No, the survival of the Republic demands a cleansing. Rand Paul and his small cabal of cohorts may fail and history suggests they will and, yet. Throughout centuries and especially during the American era crises have often yielded miraculous turnarounds and the rise of leaders who’ve pulled us back from tyranny. I still have hope. I still pray. I still look for the divine.

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