I’ve seen polls in recent years which show a slight and growing majority of Americans are opposed to abortion.  It doesn’t mean all of those opposed consider it infanticide but in recent weeks I’m sure the number of people who believe we’re witnessing a crime against humanity and against God has certainly grown.  This morning I read Nicole Russell at the Federalist describe the pro-life movement as the new abolitionists.  Just yesterday I wrote a short blog about John Brown.  Brown was a killer for the cause to liberate American slaves.  Immediately after Brown was hanged a politician named Abraham Lincoln praised Brown for his beliefs but condemned the methods.  Then less than two years later a newly elected President Lincoln engaged his country in a long and bloody conflict far more barbarous than anything of which Brown was ever involved.  Brown was hailed at the time of his death as a hero by few.  During the Civil War he became an icon for the cause of the Union and abolitionists.  What changed?

Where does this leave Paul Hill?  I was a young reporter working in Syracuse, New York in 1994 when Hill made headlines around the world.  I was a new father and had moved from a shaky pro-choice view of the world to a pro-life stance.  Hill gunned down an infanticide practitioner and the practitioner’s bodyguard.  Hill had been a minister with the Presbyterian Church in America.  Many friends and acquaintances belong to the PCA and I count two PCA ministers as very good friends.  It’s not a church of radicals.  It’s a church of godly believers.  One of my pastor friends is second generation in the pulpit.  His father, John A. Dekker, hosted a radio show called In Defense of Truth.  The program was heard across more than half the United States.  Truth being the Word of Life.  Please stress life.

60 Million dead & no relief. KLIX Library.
60 Million dead & no relief. KLIX Library.

You can read about Paul Hill at Wikipedia.  He was a troubled youth and later a troubled man in ministry.  How does he differ from the troubled John Brown?  Hill killed just as the Internet was arriving as an agent of cultural change.  YouTube wasn’t even a gleam in an eye.  Had we been privy to undercover videos of Planned Parenthood’s callous excesses 21 years ago would Hill have found a sympathetic public?  I recall he was viewed as a dangerous extremist as old media portrayed the former preacher as a poster boy for Christian excess.  He was executed 12 years ago under the watch of then Florida Governor Jeb Bush.  The Roman Catholic Bush professes to be pro-life.

For all the vilifying of the modern filmmakers who’ve been exposing Planned Parenthood, including comparisons to Hill whom they didn’t know, we’ve even more questions.

About the same time Hill was eliminating what he saw as a threat to innocent human beings ABC News was doing an undercover investigation of meat preparation practices at Food Lion groceries.  The network had members of the undercover team hired by the company under circumstances we would normally call lying.  The network defended its actions by claiming it would’ve never gotten cameras into the backrooms if it had been honest and simply asked Food Lion to look around.  I supported ABC and I’ll tell you why.  Some improperly prepared meats can kill.  To make an analogy had you lived next door to Bergen-Belsen or Dachau or Treblinka and you could no longer stand the stench of rotting flesh and you were a devout Christian or devout anything, would it be noble to expose the Nazi crimes?  Could you expose the crimes if you showed up at the gates with a press pass and a notepad?  Nazis and groceries clearly aren’t the same but you get the point.  Journalism sometimes requires subterfuge for the greater good.

No, we can’t any longer cover for the left and its crimes.  Paul Hill took matters into his own hands as did John Brown.  They were committed men who believed the authorities were corrupt and then appointed themselves to take action.  Bloody action.  The people behind the undercover films have also taken action but they haven’t picked up guns.  Instead they’ve pulled back the curtain and allowed us to see the demented, abominable and bloodthirsty sacraments of a leftist and secular United States of America.  Brown is revered.  Hill is despised.  We’ll never have consensus as to their violent actions, however.  We can agree no one was hurt in the making of the Planned Parenthood videos.  Instead the crushed souls of 60 million babies rests on the platform of the Democrat Party and its fellow travelers.  Any sane society would outlaw liberalism and put the mass killers behind bars for good and forever.

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