We have two Americas going in opposite directions and at high speed.  With Democrats taking over Washington and being pressured to appease woke and far-left, you’ll see some decisions made that will ruffle more than feathers in flyover country.

It allowed some of her council colleagues some wiggle room on the issue.

Meanwhile, conservatives in the center of the nation still have goals for maintaining traditional values.  On Tuesday, January 19th, biblically centered Christians in Twin Falls once again plan to ask the city to constrain Planned Parenthood.  The local office performs abortions.  Previous attempts by the Christians to gain favor with City Council have failed, although.  Mayor Suzanne Hawkins has issued a personal proclamation in support of life for the unborn.

It allowed some of her council colleagues some wiggle room on the issue.

The meeting has been moved from a Monday to a Tuesday because of the holiday honoring Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.  He was pro-life, according to family members still among the living.

There won’t be any public comment on the 19th but the pastors are hopeful there will come a day soon when they can offer testimony.

The prevailing legal opinion is the city can’t stop Planned Parenthood.  The Pastors behind the effort believe the legal chatter is an excuse and are willing to challenge the issue in courts.

During a 2015 demonstration outside Planned Parenthood, I encountered one member of the council among those calling for an end to infanticide.  The woman has since left the council but there is a history of support for the cause of life.


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