It was April when the subject of a national lockdown was floated.  We were being told Covid-19 was akin to the Black Death.  President Trump was asked by reporters about the possibility and as usual, thought aloud.  In his steady stream of consciousness he pondered the idea.  Being he’s Donald Trump, sworn enemy of the media, in the next 24 to 48 hours he was excoriated by the jackals of the press corps.

Lockdowns are local and state issues, we were told.  Constitutional scholars weighed in and told us the President lacked the authority.

Biden promised he would imprison his subjects.  Much to the delight of his fellow travelers.

Fine, now Joe Biden is being asked if he would order a national constriction of liberty.  On ABC News.  By David Muir.  I worked with Muir 25 years ago.  Like Biden, David reads a prompter well.  Not much substance, otherwise.

Biden promised he would imprison his subjects.  Much to the delight of his fellow travelers.  He said until we got the virus under “control”.  Just how long will that take?  It leaves open the possibility we’ll never control the virus.  We don’t control common cold.  We don’t control AIDS.

Does anyone in mainstream media and among the fellow travelers consider what a life sentence would look like?

You can call us conspiracy theorists but what these people are proposing is very dangerous.  The fundamental end of the republican experiment in North America.  The rejection your rights and liberties are given by God.  Assuming they believe in a supreme being.  During some moments of the liberal convention last week, God was left out of the Pledge of Allegiance.  It wasn’t spontaneous.  These are dog whistles and trial balloons.

They call themselves “the Resistance” when it comes to President Trump.  As if we’re under Nazi occupation.  Then they promise you’ll be locked up when liberated.  Anyone find the irony here?

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