When it comes to what we used to call American values it just gets worse by the day.  Over the weekend we heard a call for polygamy in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage.  Late Monday I received an email from a friend and it contained this link.  The pedophiles have unbridled their stalking horse.  Lest you believe the Father-of-Lies isn’t gaining exponential strength from our worldly actions it’s very clear the pagan and post-Christian United States is flirting with a total cultural breakdown.  The pedophiles are looking for legitimacy.  How can a court deny child molesters and polygamists now that we can’t interfere with the things people love or desire if not actually love?  The gratification society has the sanction of 5 justices, the New York Times and MSDNC.  And along with all the usual fellow travelers.  “Bring them out so we may know them,” sounds creepy when you read it but all the more frightening when the mob descends upon your home and/or church and makes its demand.

The flowers will again bloom.
The flowers will again bloom.

Your church as well as your home?  You bet!  Coeur d’Alene in my current state of Idaho has gone so far as threatening clergy who refuse to perform same-sex weddings.  Not only with fines but also with time in dungeons.  The city hugs the Canadian border and state line with Washington and apparently takes its cues from the more licentious neighbors.  Additionally, a great many churches already saddled with high costs for heating, cooling and maintenance now face another threat.  The evil have found their voices and they’ll not only fine and jail dissenters but pile on the taxes!  The full weight of Internal Revenue will be shifted from Tea Party to Christian Houses of God.

Those ministers and priests who believe they’ll find some shelter in another once great American bastion of tradition better think twice.  According to World Net Daily the new rainbow military is being urged to purge clergy opposed to marrying horses, cows and pigs or in this case same-sex couples.  A secular writer has the temerity to refer to opposing holy men and women as “intolerant filth”.  As it appears the writer isn’t a Christian, even nominally, then he likely isn’t aware tolerance isn’t a Christian virtue.  Somehow I don’t expect much pushback from a military already remade as President Obama’s personal Praetorian Guard.  The Roman Empire analogies are flowing among friends who see history in repeat.

The American left is out-of-control.  It no longer even appears to have a compass.  It’s just attacking perceived old and current enemies on every front without any questions about long term impact.  Not much has changed since the 1960s when the left urged the burning of cities (which it still advocates today).  The result being the plight of the urban poor worsened as capital fled for suburbs or took leave of the country for Asia.  A pity when lands once ravaged by warlords are now seen as more stable than our once great Republic.

A telephone caller asked me Tuesday morning how the traditional camp should react.  I see three options.  War is the least likely, the least pretty and the one with the most long-lasting and damaging effects, albeit.  A great many people are telling me this must feel a lot like 1859 felt.  The Civil War isn’t a good comparison.  This is much more like the French Revolution in its latter stages.  Robespierre is chopping the heads from anyone resisting his view of Utopia.  As one of my college professors once said about the French bloodletting, the country never fully recovered.  Option two is one I heard from a Roman Catholic lay broadcaster.  Michael Voris urges viewers to get aboard the ark and to take shelter there for a long and dreadful storm is ahead.  This means we live with the decisions made around us but associate only with those who share our convictions.  We huddle in our churches, avoid confrontation and wait for the day when the clouds and rough seas part.  Option three is my favorite.

We say no!  We say no by the millions!  We repeat saying no and we take whatever they can mete out.  If they burden us with chains, clap us in irons and seize our property we boldly continue with our refusal.  We don’t cooperate with their schemes and we don’t recognize their laws.  If they choose to lock us away by the tens of millions behind barbed wire then they’ll soon learn who really makes this country run.  Or to the extent it still has a vibrant economy.  Sure, they can try and import unskilled labor by trainloads but it can’t fill millions of positions necessary to keep roads, factories and schools open.  And truly the many on the fence or in fear of sharing their actual beliefs will have inspiration and to borrow a line from the old foaming-at-the-mouth hippies, “The whole world is watching!”

A country doesn’t fail because Johnny and Jimmy can’t marry.  It fails because of massive debts, tumbling productivity and because its masters lose all moral authority.  Now go get ‘em!

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