After filling in the last couple of mornings for the news guy I’m still struck by how depravity hasn’t changed since my first newscast 30 years ago.  It’s as old as mankind.  It has been with us for so long it frightens you when you try and define normal.  The latest is a teenage boy accused of hosing the blood off a corpse in his family’s bathroom shower.  Before it was a corpse it was his mother.  The boy’s father is accused of killing his wife and enlisting the teen for support.  We can blame TV and video games but Cain and Abel had no such distractions.  Evil exists alongside virtue.  In modern times people scoff at you when you say someone is possibly possessed by a demon.  It’s now common to dismiss evil as not so much an aberration but a part of evolutionary biology.

In a previous post I mentioned a politician who turned a question around on me about 20 years ago and asked me to define normal.  For the moderns there isn’t any such thing.  I believe it’s why the return to paganism is such an easy and accelerating slide.  It’s a paganism gussied up to look polite, non-threatening and welcoming.  Here is a link provided today by a friend.  Crosses being removed by churches so people of other faiths can come and pray and not be offended.  Why bother at all to call yourself a Christian?  As an aside there is nothing Christian about the relationship of which Bishop Eva Brunne is involved in with another woman.  Nothing Christian if you still use the Bible as a guide.  In the Nordic lands there are certain passages from the Bible if used in a sermon will send you to prison.  What the moderns are telling us is the book simply can’t be right by our current standards because it cites judgment for actions and therefore some, most or all of the book is wrong.  Once more, how do you then call yourself a Christian if you scrap the text?

Sunrise or sunset for Christian faith? Courtesy, Bill Colley

Furthermore if all faiths are true than no faiths are true.  There is a belief among the moderns we can shop for God like we shop for coffee.  Maxwell House on sale this week?  Folger’s next week and Chock Full O’Nuts the third week?  Then by all means save the difference because all give you a caffeine kick.  God isn’t a caffeine high.  He is the Creator of the Universe.  How I relate to my Lord isn’t a shopping excursion even if recent events in my life argue otherwise.  Coffee is a commodity.  The comparison borders on sin and some would say it well-crosses the line.  In traditional Christian faith the rules set by the Almighty have a distinct purpose.  To remove, isolate and subjugate our worst nature, i.e., depravity.  It sets the boundaries clearly between right-and-wrong.  Killing mom, destroying evidence of mom’s murder and then lying about your involvement isn’t right.  Tossing babies in hot cauldrons to appease Baal is wrong.  Chopping open breathing prisoners atop temples and then ripping out and chewing on their beating hearts is pagan and wrong.

Maybe the lesbian Bishop in Sweden doesn’t know where she’s going or taking her church because the civil law banned so much of her holy book.  In her ignorance she commits a grave error.  “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me!’”  John 14:6.

Some years ago the evangelist Lon Solomon was approached at a workout club by a man who wanted to come to Solomon’s church.  The man explained he needed some “religion” in his life.  The evangelist replied his church didn’t do religion but personal relationships with God, as He made clear while walking this earth and as it’s codified in John’s Gospel.  When the man in need of “religion” heard this he was taken aback.  “Why, that’s exclusionary!” he practically howled.  Yes, yes it certainly is evidence of a selective deity.  I would recommend this link from Matthew 7:13-27.

Is the choice death or life? Courtesy, Bill Colley

Right now there is nothing narrow about the gate being erected by a wayward Lutheran Bishop in Sweden.  She’s establishing nothing more than an extended pot luck supper club.  She’s selling stale hippie era platitudes.  She’s leading people astray.

Sadly, the woman isn’t alone.