After a two year hiatus from the magnificent light display, the owner of the Candy Cane House has confirmed that it will be up and running this year. We couldn't be more excited.

We reached out to the owner Mitch who said he is just as excited as everyone else that the Candy Cane House will be up and running again. Located by Garibaldi's, the magnificent display takes about four weeks to set up. Mitch said he has already started and thankfully the weather has been nice enough to cooperate.

The decoration display itself takes three weeks to set up and then another week to do networking and trouble shooting all the computer modules. This display is super high tech.

Mitch said that he loves Christmas and everything about it. Not being able to do it for the last two years has been a bummer. He said he hopes to have it up and running by Black Friday barring any complications.

When I asked him how much it cost him each year to put on he wouldn't tell me.

"There's a reason why people have gift receipts and take the price tags off before they wrap their presents. This is my gift to the community"

I also asked what it was like for the area to get so busy. So far they haven't had any problems with crowds but I can imagine this year it is going to get really busy. And if problems for some reason do occur then he said they will handle them as they come.

So excited and looking forward to this display.

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