I’ve been following this story because it shows you how difficult it can be to hold an unpopular opinion.  Once the elites have set the standard for civilized discussion, all other voices are to be silenced.  It happened a few years ago in North Carolina.  A conservative college professor wrote a syndicated column and advocated for traditional marriage and old-fashioned values.  He was eventually forced out of his job by the mob.  Not long afterward, he took his own life.  Liberals celebrated his dismissal and his death.

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I’m hopeful Boise State University’s Scott Yenor has an iron constitution.  He has tenure but the pressure being applied from the angry left is intense.  He was here before and survived.

The Left Won't Allow Dissent

What’s annoying liberals today is a speech he gave at a conservative conference.  He expressed doubts radical feminism has benefited American culture.  Some areas are apparently off-limits to rigorous academic study and discussion.  Because Yenor and the like-minded just may be right.

The lefties don’t even want the questions asked.  What does that say about their faith in their own worldview?  I’ve had arguments with Democrats and socialists and when you give them some facts, they’ll quite literally close their eyes and put their hands over their ears.  Only more evidence they know they’re promoting lies!

Conservatives are Increasingly Speaking Their Minds

I’ve got news for them.  Outside their bubbles, there are still a great many Americans who agree with the professor and they’re getting sick of the cultural rot.  Even many cowed into silence will follow a man with bold words.  It must terrify the left!

Listen to the man below.

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