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Apparently, prostitutes fear being exposed to disease.  Just not all disease.  Only coronavirus.  They don’t want clients kissing them for fear the virus is on the tongue.  Check out this link from Yahoo.  I shared this story on-air.  A caller asked how the whores and their customers maintain a distance of 6 feet.

Perhaps they just wave at each other, then the john wipes down the cash with sanitizer and then throws it at the entrepreneur.  If she grabs it on the first bounce she still isn’t a good catch in the traditional dating sense.  Likely, she has more mileage than an ’83 Volvo.

It turns out, a great many men are staying away from the women, what, with all the health concerns over coronavirus.  Herpes, AIDS, syphilis, these are nothing to worry about.  A dry cough for one week, one the other hand, would make you a social pariah.  Guys, you go home with COVID-19 and the wife will suddenly know you’ve been unfaithful.  She didn’t catch on last summer when you shared a dose of the clap.

Yahoo explains there are worries because some of the Ladies of the Night could find themselves unable to pay their own bills.  Or buy groceries for the children.  Daddy could go grocery shopping but I have suspicion Daddy isn’t always known.

Will the stimulus package (sorry, couldn’t find an option) from Washington keep these women under warm roofs?  After all, they’re quite used to being under, although.

You could say we’re all in the same bed!  With the economic fallout from coronavirus, we’re all getting…  Well, you get the idea.

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