TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-The Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office said a couple had to be rescued after a combination of bad GPS directions and muddy roads stranded them overnight in the desert.

According to the sheriff's, rescue crews were called out earlier this week when the couple's minivan got stuck on a muddy and snow covered road in the Shoshone Basin, south of Twin Falls. The couple had been using GPS directions to a destination that put them on the wrong road. The couple ended up staying overnight where they got stuck.

Meanwhile search crews along with help from Air St. Luke's began looking for them the next day. The helicopter crew located the pair wondering in the desert and was able to land and pick them up and take them to a safe location. Deputies and Twin Falls County Search and Rescue used tracked all-terrain vehicles to get to the stuck van.

In a statement released on social media, the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office said now is not the time to be heading out on desert roads as the snow begins to melt off the mountains, "With the melting snow pack in the desert the road conditions are poor with several areas covered in water, and thick mud. We would remind those wanting to get out and explore to let the roads dry out more so that you don't spend an overnight in the desert relying on crews to come out to help you and risk getting stuck as well."

The sheriff's office also noted that if people travel too early on Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management roads too early they can damage them. Many public roads in the South Hills are closed for the season to protect wildlife and prevent damage.

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