COVID won’t cancel Christmas in Rupert.  Rupert’s Christmas City, USA is a huge hit with the public.  It’s coming back this year.  The cities renovated town square and neighboring Wilson Theater play a major role in events.  It all gets underway the Friday after Thanksgiving and closes after New Year’s Eve festivities, which include the beet drop! 

An opportunity to again grab a slice of traditional life.

The Christmas City Market is designed to resemble a European Christmas market.  These are very common in Germany and Central Europe and the feel has been recreated in Minidoka County.  There are concerts planned at the Wilson Theater and the Wilson will also play host to family events December 4th and 5th.

Many of the events take place outside and this is where the coronavirus research backs up the city’s decision to go ahead with the plan.  Last month I saw data on Halloween.  Because trick-or-treating is primarily a family event, and the fun is outdoors, scientists said there was a greatly reduced chance of transmission.

On colder winter nights you don’t even need a mask mandate!  People are often wrapped up in mufflers and scarfs and maybe only lower them for a sip of hot chocolate.

People are going to need events like this as we close out the year.  An opportunity to again grab a slice of traditional life.  Oh, and the beet drop, live nativity and walking through the market are also free.  Just before Christmas when you’re looking to pay for presents and heating bills the word free is a pleasant one.

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