If a tree falls in the forest and there’s nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound?  Newspapers are so archaic it’s like talking about stone tablets.  This morning I saw a headline from the Idaho Statesman, a paper in the bankrupt McClatchy chain.  If you do hear a sound, it’s the circling of a drain!

The paper is making an endorsement in the race for Idaho Attorney General.  Gosh, I should be pleased the writer(s) gave me instructions.  I would otherwise vote for my own conscience and my own interest.

We’re libs and here’s who we libs want you to vote for.  The most liberal candidate in the race.

I think I read a story the other day that said only 13 percent of registered voters in Idaho are Democrats.  The party’s fellow travelers in news media sometimes cite Idaho values.  Why aren’t 87 percent listening?  Perhaps nobody reads newspapers, and even if they do, they aren’t looking at the editorial page.  Politicians are the only people thumbing through the pages and getting ink on their hands.  They may actually believe an endorsement makes a difference because they tend to associate mainly with other politicians.

So, the libs at a crumbling liberal newspaper always endorse the most liberal candidate running.  In this case, the political chameleon Tom Arkoosh.  In one calendar year, he has been a Republican, an independent, and now a Democrat.  He also has some endorsements from a handful of Republicans who starred in Tales From the Crypt.

Can we make an obvious point about most Idaho Voters?  They aren’t godless liberal drag queens looking to smoke marijuana, groom children, mutilate kids, and raise taxes.  In other words, most don’t work for newspapers.

State Republican Party Chairwoman Dorothy Moon told me that the Republican candidate for Attorney General is getting the most applause on a statewide GOP election tour.  More than any other candidate.  His name is Raul Labrador.  He’ll assume office in January.  As for Arkoosh, gesundheit!

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