Pamela Hemphill is the new darling of the left-wing American news media.  She was once a MAGA Republican from Idaho.  Now she’s denouncing Donald Trump.  As a cult leader. Pam did a brief stretch in prison after the January 6th, 2021 riot at the United States Capitol.  She had flown to Washington to film the event.  She was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for essentially being a cheerleader at the event.  She’s a grandmother and a cancer survivor.

The Daily Beast, a liberal publication, did a lengthy interview with the Treasure Valley woman because of her political conversion.  I don’t dislike Pam.  People often change their minds when it comes to politics and political leaders.

I don’t believe Trump is a cult leader, but I have been worried about some friends who would parrot some things he said.  Such as calling Ted Cruz by the name of “Lying Ted”.  Cruz’s overall political career shows him to be a man committed to the cause of liberty and adherence to constitutional values.  Doing permanent political damage to allies is shortsighted.  There will be a need for good conservatives after Trump.  If Pam sees it the same way, then I’m glad she’s come around at that point.

What I don’t like is how liberal media will use someone searching for answers as a means to bolster its anti-Trump narrative.  Pam Hemphill has stared death in the face in her fight against cancer.  Reporters simply view her as an opportunity.  She’s an honest person wrestling with a lot that life has thrown her way.  News media is shameless.

As you can see from the post at the top of the page, the woman is leaving social media.  Which is likely a healthy decision.  I believe her views will continue to evolve.  Reporters won’t.

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