BELLEVUE, Idaho (KLIX)-Recue crews retrieved a Caldwell man from a relatively remote area east of Bellevue following an off-road accident on Saturday afternoon.

According to the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, 64-year-old Terry Williams was on an offroad vehicle in the Slaughter House Creek area in Blaine County when he lost control while going down a slope and went off the trail into a draw. Williams was thrown out of the vehicle and was injured. The sheriff's office said in a statement a technical medical team with Big Wood Fire had to be called in to rescue Williams because of the remote area the accident happened.

First responders attempted to drive a UTV into the area to get Williams but were unable to, instead county deputies and EMT crews had to walk the man out on a backboard to an area where he was loaded onto a vehicle and transported to the hospital in Ketchum.

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