You have a driver’s license that needs to be renewed, but with system glitches at Department of Motor Vehicle offices, what do you do?

The answer comes from the Idaho Transportation Department: wait a little longer to get it renewed.

The Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles said it has implemented an emergency extension for all Idaho drivers with expiring licenses. The extension is in effect until Oct. 31 because of recent DMV office closures.

Information about this extension has been communicated to county sheriff, local, state and national law enforcement and is in immediate effect.

The DMV said some exclusions to the extension include Commercial Driver’s License (CDLs) holders who do not have a legal presence document on file with Idaho’s DMV, and drivers whose privileges are currently withdrawn until reinstatement requirements are fulfilled.

Customers or agencies with questions or in need of documentation to support the extension should call 208-334-8586 or contact their local sheriff’s office.

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