Half a decade after legalization, three-quarters of all the dope consumed in California is from the illegal market.  The warning comes from a consortium of legal pot growers.  The competition is hurting their business.  They want government subsidies or tax breaks and say they need action to survive.  They want access to more markets as well and complain there’s a worker shortage (a universal cry).

Dope Dealers are Just Figuring it Out

The lobbyists explain that illegal and unregulated trade is dangerous.  Yes, many of us have said the same thing for many years.  Law enforcers have often told me drug dealers aren’t very nice people.   Illegal drugs are also often “cut” or “spiked” with dangerous substances.  Some are quite deadly.  I just had a lengthy conversation with Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney Grant Loebs.  Southern Idaho is awash in fentanyl.  A grain of which can kill you!  It’s being mixed with some shipments of illegal marijuana.  Fentanyl is now the leading killer of Americans 18 to 45.  It's not simply the leading cause of drug deaths.  The leading cause of all deaths in the demographic.

A friend in Kent, Washington, told me a couple of years ago that most pot smokers in that state still buy from illegal dealers rather than legal shops.  She told me the illegal product is considered better and cheaper.

I'm Shocked, Shocked

How many of you saw all of this coming?

When I was in high school a buddy and I had some time for a talk about legalization with a teacher.  It’s when I said legalization would create two trades and one would be outside the law.  They both nodded in agreement.  I was a gangly 16-year-old at the time and I figured it out on my own.

Those of you who consider marijuana a sacrament are growing tiresome.  You’re a drag on society, useless on the job, and you’re increasing the danger of daily life for everyone else.  Most of you are liberals who believe I should be forced to wear a mask and then be wrestled down for a vaccine.  Yet, your behavior brings a clear and present danger to my community.  You’re selfish, stupid, and criminal!

Traitors, Criminals, and Communists

One other point.  The fentanyl comes from China.  A country that would like to destroy a competitor without firing a shot.  It’s the reversal of the Opium Wars of the 1800s.  The toxin comes through Mexico and then across our porous southern border.  With the nodding approval of a traitorous political party.

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