We tend to get out and about more during the summer than during the colder months. There is so much going on and I don't blame anyone for wanting to spend that outdoor time with their pets. If you have pets that go with you everywhere, make sure you keep these things in mind this summer.

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Leave Them In Hot Vehicles

This is something that happens every single year. People will bring their dog with them to the grocery store, leave the dog inside their vehicle on a 90-degree day without the air conditioner on and cause major damage, or even death, to their pet. If you want to bring your pet, make sure you have the air conditioner on, the car on, and the doors locked, and keep them cool. Or, you could leave them home in the air-conditioned house.

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Don't Leave Them In Plastic Dog Houses

That plastic dog houses that kind of look like crates are actually more like ovens. You definitely can't use that alone as their shade. That plastic holds in the heat and if your dog or cat is sitting in it as its only reprieve, it can be super dangerous

PC Ryker Wager
PC Ryker Wager

Don't Walk Them On Asphalt

Don't walk them on asphalt or concrete because it can definitely burn their feet. If it is too hot for your hand or barefoot, it is too hot for theirs. You can always get them little booties or shoes. They make those.

Julia Toner / poodle mix
Julia Toner / poodle mix

Don't Forget The Water

Make sure they have plenty of water, especially if they are outside dogs. You want to make sure that they always have access. Change it often, check it often. I feel like these are all no-brainers, but they still need to be said.

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Don't Forget To Check For Ticks And Bugs

Make sure you double and triple-check your pets for ticks and bug bites. This is especially true after a camping trip or lake trip. Bug bites can mostly be harmless, but ticks can cause Lyme disease and fleas can be problematic.

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