A guy I went to high school with spent a year overseas as an exchange student.  While away he wrote a letter to our school newspaper and asked all his friends to write him.  At football practice, our coach commented that it was a shame he wouldn’t get any letters.  Some people go through life without realizing that they’re a jackass.  Years later I met the same fellow and we had a great conversation.  At some point, he learned humility.

His story comes to mind after the old-guard Idaho Republicans took another spanking at the state party convention.  Even after the results of the May Primary, I kept reading commentaries online and in what’s left of old-guard newspapers explaining that GOP Chairwoman Dorothy Moon and her allies were going to get their comeuppance.  It didn’t happen.  It wasn’t even close.

Three possible outcomes are ahead.  First, the people who would like to continue in office wet an index finger and then put it in the air.  Second, they’ll claim there was a fix, but even if the Bingham County delegation had voted it wouldn’t have changed the winners and losers.  If the Bingham GOP hadn’t squandered its dues money on a losing lawsuit, the group could have voted.  The members made their choice.  Third, a lot of the disgruntled losers will walk away from politics, or as they did in the last election for state Attorney General, they’ll vote for Democrats, which tells us what we’ve known all along.  They’re Republicans in name only.

Leadership is standing up against a COVID regime, which Moon and her allies did.  Leadership is standing up against the Governor’s Launch Program.  It’s a wealth transfer gussied up as a scholarship program.  Your tax dollars get funneled to the Governor’s campaign bankers.

One group of so-called Republicans follows the regime like whipped dogs.  The other works for the people and says. “NO!”

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