All the king’s horses and all the king’s men…

We know the old nursery rhyme about Humpty Dumpty.

Mainstream media in Idaho likes to make comparisons to the broken egg when they crow about the fractured state Republican Party. The bi-annual GOP convention opened this week with efforts by the old guard to decertify some voting delegates because they’re expected to support sitting Chairwoman Dorothy Moon for another term.  The old-timers lost that round.  You can see two of them here.  Former Chairman Trent Clark (L) and former Chairman Tom Luna (R).  They look disappointed.

Used with courtesy of State Senator Glenneda Zuiderveld.
Used with courtesy of State Senator Glenneda Zuiderveld.

Meanwhile, the convention will wrap on Saturday with votes for state officers.  Despite bellyaching about Moon and her allies, there have been very few challengers.  If you want change, produce someone willing to put in the work.

The old guard warns that if they don’t reclaim control Idaho will eventually be dominated by Democrats.  Colorado is often cited as an example, however.  The state’s makeup was changed when many newcomers from other states brought liberal ideas along.  Transplants to Idaho are overwhelmingly conservative.

One GOP committee member from Kootenai County said the real fight is over billions of dollars in taxpayer money, and how it gets directed.  The donor class could lose out on the wealth transfer.

This means this battle won’t end anytime soon and Humpty Dumpty appears appropriate.  Unless the old moderates, a dying breed, decide they’re more at home with the Democrats.  They already made that choice.  They’re the people who could make Colorado a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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