There is a beautiful and easy trail on the Jerome side of the Snake River Canyon that leads to a picturesque swimming spot that locals pronounce one of three ways.

Whether you call it "Mermaid Cove,"Mermaid Hole," or "Mermaid's Cove," the two-tier waterfall and swimming spot accessed from Yingst Road off of Golf Course Road should be on your spring to-visit list. It's one of the few remaining waterfall locations along this stretch of southern Idaho that you might be able to enjoy all alone for an hour or two.

I've never walked the trail to this area gem, but the hike is easy, and also has a small parking area at the trailhead, according to Visit Southern Idaho's Top 10 Spring Break Destinations. The earlier in the spring you go, the better your odds of avoiding crowds.

The outing has been featured numerous times on YouTube videos and is one of the local crown jewels across the Perrine Bridge from Twin Falls. It's also visible from several vantage points on the south side of the Snake River. It's an ideal destination for exploring, sunbathing, picnicking, and getting in a soak.

The other appealing thing about "Mermaid Cove," is the fact that it's off the radar of out-of-towners passing through, who generally go to sites such as Shoshone Falls. Remember to pack out what you take in, as some of southern Idaho's most cherished relaxation destinations get polluted with garbage every weekend.

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