TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – Twin Falls County is encouraging voters to get their ballots in early.

Deadline for early voting is 5 p.m. May 13. The deadline for absentee mail-in ballots to be received by the county clerk’s office is May 11.

So far, early voting has been going well, said County Clerk Kristina Glascock. Mail-in ballots, not so much.

About 50 to 60 voters a day are coming by the County West Building for early voting, she said. But few mail-in ballots have been received.

She’s not quite sure what to expect on Election Day, May 17.

“As far as voter turnout is concerned, it’s so hard to predict,” Glascock said, noting she’s predicting maybe about 30 percent. “But I don’t know. We have several contested races.”

She expects Kimberly to have a good voter turnout because both the Kimberly School District and Rock Creek Rural Fire Protection District have requests on the ballot.

The school district wants voters to approve a $14 million bond and $300,000 plant facility levy; and Rock Creek Fire is asking for a levy increase that would, over time, allow it to hire more firefighters.


Overall, Glascock expects voting to go smoother than it did during the Republic primaries on March 8. On that day, several precincts ran out of ballots and the county had to make copies, causing those ballots to be hand-counted. Glascock was at the Election Office into the early morning hours of March 9, overseeing the final results.

This time many of the polling places, which have several precincts, will have an election board present – something that wasn’t in place at the precincts in March.

“It was the first time we did a presidential primary,” Glascock said. “We didn’t know what to expect.”

When voting, you’ll need to provide personal identification at the polls on Election Day or when voting early at the County West Building.

Also – something that some voters are upset about, she said – if you’re unaffiliated you can still choose your party on Election Day. But if you’re already registered a Democrat, you cannot receive a Republican ballot. The last day to change your party affiliation was March 11.

For additional voting information, visit the county’s election page or call the clerk’s office at 736-4004.

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