Leave it to the granola-gobbling left to suggest car companies should build and give away EVs.  A writer at a British publication suggests automakers need to drop prices to sell more vehicles.  If you’re operating a bakery, and I suggest you sell dinner rolls under cost, would that cover your expenses?  This clown suggests that would put more EVs on the road and save the planet.  Of course, if you bankrupt the manufacturers, there won’t be any cars on the road.  Maybe that’s the actual goal.

The writer says that in Britain, EVs are known as BEVs for battery-operated vehicles.  He wants that changed.  Like saying does work on the road versus doesn’t work on the road.  See, just change the slogan!

He also says we need to tell buyers the real issues with range.  “Buy this car and you’ll get stranded,” isn’t a good marketing pitch, but hey, it’s true.  Here in the states, the government was exaggerating claims of range by a factor of seven.  The story was behind a paywall in the Wall Street Journal.

Do you mean to say the government sometimes lies?  How about liberals and the government both lie to justify their ends?

The writer admits cold weather is a challenge, but also suggests we offer free electricity.  We should note power costs in his country would cause a rebellion here.

EV drivers in Twin Falls feed at the public trough, with free charging at the Visitor’s Center.  Well, not exactly free.  Someone else picks up the tab.  Otherwise, nobody would locally buy an EV.

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