How’s your electric car doing so far this winter? It must have been a joy in the deep snow and cold weather. When you were stranded did you wave at passersby and shout you were a better climate steward than your neighbors?

You'll be Buying a Lot of Tires

Now you have another concern. Your tires wear out. Often in a fifth to a tenth of the time a tire wears out on a diesel or internal combustion vehicle.  You can read more about the latest bug in EVs at Jalopnik, which is an automobile review site and non-partisan politically.

Here's a question for you after you put down the granola.  If you're burning up tires every 8,000 miles, how does that benefit Giai?

With child slave labor working at gunpoint already digging up the cobalt your car needs, how do you feel about the impoverished working on rubber plantations?  Or the environmental cost of synthetic compounds?

What do we do with five to ten times of discarded tires?  We can't recycle the current crop.  Should we dig a few million more landfills?  I don't mean to imply that you're a few bricks shy of a load or no smarter than a box of rocks, because that would insult basalt and igneous formations.

State of Denial

When you get past the state of denial, please examine this site.  It will be a big assist in becoming a once again normal human being.  Plus you'll no longer need to preen alongside your stalled brick.

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