It’s cold outside, but you have cabin fever. What do you do?

Thankfully, several places in the Magic Valley offer outdoor-type recreation without you having to venture outdoors – or at least not too far into the cold.

The following suggestions will let you experience outdoor activities while staying comfortable and warm indoors. Of course, if we missed anything on this list, feel free to let us know by writing to


Advantage Archery
This indoor range will let you stay warm while you target practice with bows and arrows. Located at , it’s not too far from home if you live in Twin Falls. 735-9878.

Magic Valley Bowhunters
This is another facility with indoor lanes, located at 229 Second Ave. N., Twin Falls, sure to please local archers. 595-4069.

Gun and Rifle Ranges

OK, these aren’t necessarily indoor facilities, but they still offer a big taste of the outdoors without actually going too far into the outdoors.

Twin Falls Gun Club
The gun club at 230 Federation Road, Twin Falls, has an outdoors shooting range near the canyon, but you can warm up inside with food or beverages. 734-0639.

Buhl Rifle & Pistol Club
For those living in the western Magic Valley, try out this range at 1230 E. 4100 N., Buhl. 734-3238.

Jerome Gun Club
This is another outdoors facility, located at 6425 U.S. Highway 93 in Jerome, but it’s worth a trip if you’d like to experience a little outdoors without traveling too far. 595-4157

Rock Climbing

Gemstone Climbing Center
Twin Falls own climbing gym, located at 135 Fifth Ave. S., opened in late November and is already pleasing fans with its array of rock climbing walls. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should put it on your list. 329-7257.

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