The Filer School District is celebrating that they have been around for 100 years with a charity event and live auction. The graduating class of 2022 will be the 100th class graduating from the school district. That is a huge feat!

Filer School District Celebrating 100 Years And You're Invited

The Filer School District will be hosting a dinner and live auction fundraiser to celebrate. The event will be on May 14th at 6 pm at the Filer High School Gymnasium. There will be an auction, dinner, and tons of fun. They are trying to get a bunch of alumni to show up to the event as well. It is like an unofficial class reunion for everyone who went to Filer! They have officially invited anyone that has graduated from Filer High School.

Things That Are Being Given Away And Auctioned Off

It states on the invitation flyer that the live auction will be for desserts. Those are always great. Who doesn't want delicious treats?! Plus, they are going to have a silent auction filled with locally owned business items, all from Filer businesses.

The Funds Will Be Going To Improve The School

According to the flyer, the funds will go towards an electronic reader board on the highway and an entryway commemorative awning.

Again, this is for anyone who has graduated from Filer High School for the biggest high school reunion from all of the graduating classes, ever. To RSVP you need to call the high school for tickets at 208-326-5944 or check and see if you had an email invite to scan a QR code.

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