FILER, Idaho (KLIX) – If rain hadn't pelted the fairgrounds on Sunday, the Twin Falls County Fair might have seen a record year.

Even so, Fair Manager John Pitz called this year’s fair a success. Just the day before, the fair was packed.

“Saturday was our third largest single day,” he said. “We bumped into six figures on the carnival rides. Everybody seemed to be happy and enjoying themselves.”

What helped turnout was the hype associated with the fair’s centennial. The fireworks, monster truck show and rodeo were big draws at the 100-year-old county fair.

“The rodeo had the largest attendance we’ve seen the past several years,” he said. “The concert was a little light, but that was because of the rain.”

Something Pitz and his team will work on for next year is figuring out a way for those who already have admission tickets gain quicker admittance. Lines going into the fair became a little congested because many of those who already had tickets didn’t realize there was a separate line for them. Another thing that hopefully will be improved next year, he said, is more efficient use of shuttles.

Pitz said he can’t complain, though – and not many other people did either.

“There were no conflicts of significance, not a lot of complaining,” he said. “Everybody was pretty easy going and seemed like they were having fun.”