It changes with age.  As a kid of course I liked the rides.  I was sometimes disappointed because my Uncle John would instead take me to watch the horse pull.  He had only daughters and wanted a guy to go along with him.  I could hear the sounds and screams of joy from the midway and wanted to be there.  But I loved my uncle and was happy that he thought enough of me to take me along.

Later, I became a dad and enjoyed sharing rides with my daughter and niece.  Until I twisted my neck on a roller coaster, that was almost 30 years ago and I haven’t been on more than half a dozen rides since.

I’ve grown to enjoy the exhibits and the animals (even the working ones).

At the Twin Falls County Fair, the model trains do it for me.  I’m told it remains the most popular exhibit on the grounds.  From cradle to grave, model trains still fascinate.  I’m from the last generation that wasn’t raised on video games.  A few primitive ones existed but I had little interest.  I grew up with model trains, slot car racing, and a pool table.

I was going to put up a poll but then realized I would leave something out that you love about the fair.  Instead, comment about your favorite attraction, ride, or exhibit.  We’ll get a better picture of the overall experience and give me some new ideas about things to see.

We'll talk about food at another time.  The fair opens on Wednesday, August 30th.

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