Is it September? Yes. Is it technically fall yet? Nope. Did we get the first snow of the season in the mountains? Yes we did and I am all about it. If you like to ski or snowboard this has to be the biggest teaser ever. I am hoping this is indicative of a great ski and snowboarding season ahead of us.

Pomerelle Mountain Resort shared photos of their first snow of the season. It may not be a lot of snow but it is something. The light dusting is actually gorgeous with the fall colors in the background.

The ski lifts aren't ready, the fall colors are just starting to get underway but I know so many people who are ready for the snow. Some years the ski resorts open up right around Thanksgiving. Black Friday tends to be a big day for opening if the weather cooperates. In years past I have seen resorts have to wait until mid December before they get enough snow to open up.

I may not be a huge fan of winter but I am a huge fan of the resorts making as much money as possible. If that means praying for snow in September, that is what I am going to do. We will be checking back regularly to see how the snow fall is coming along up there.

Maybe we will be able to go skiing for Halloween, that would be a ton of fun.

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