It's no secret that Twin Falls has no shortage of streets that need mending. One roadway in particular that many motorists use as a shortcut to avoid the Intersection of Addison and Blue Lakes (AKA "Five Points") has been so far gone for so long, it leaves me wondering why the city hasn't just blocked it off with concrete barriers.

Ash Street North, off of Heyburn Avenue, is hands down a nightmare of a side street. It's been a decaying, pitiful excuse of a roadway for many, many years now. I also understand that many people are aware of the problematic road near the Twin Falls Bronco Shop, and have just made the choice that it's just not worth the few minutes saved to drive on.

Greg Jannetta
Greg Jannetta

Forget the fact the street is in incredibly rough shape for motorists, what about the fact that it's a complete eyesore, and makes this area of Twin Falls look ghetto as all hell. Having the opportunity to use Ash Street North as a way to reach Elm Street without bottoming your ride out, blowing a tire or risking having your bumper torn off, would be a nice luxury.

Some of the potholes on Ash Street make Tea Kettle Cave look like a tiny divot. That was a gross exaggeration...I know. My point is, what's the hold up...really?

How about we give the employees of the Broncos Store, Boot Barn, Verizon, Colortyme, and many other area businesses, another route to use home after a hard day's work.