A man who served as a youth pastor for the Buhl Calvary Assembly of God Church back in 2006 has been arrested in Louisiana for sex crimes against children.  The Times News reports that Angelo “Doogie” Golatt is being held on $480,000 bond in a Louisiana County jail and is facing 50 counts of aggravated rape, six counts of juvenile molestation, four counts of sexual battery and two counts of attempted aggravated rape.  All the victims were males between 9 and 19 years of age.  Golatt was arrested in Jerome County on two counts of sexual abuse/exploitation of a vulnerable adult while living in Idaho but  Golatt pleaded guilty to lesser charges of battery.  The Jerome County Sheriff’s department is asking any possible victims of Golatt to contact that office.  The current charges against Golatt were made while he was working as a youth leader for a church in Pineville, Louisiana.

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