Some Idaho Republicans are now begging liberals to register as Republicans and vote in next May’s GOP primary.  Sounds to me like a desperate act.  Former State Attorney General Jim Jones is described as a “mainstream” Republican by the Associated Press.  What are they smoking in that newsroom?  Even the guys I refer to as the establishment of the GOP don’t like Jones.  They see him as a turncoat and a liberal.  If you’re asking liberals to help select our candidates then, yes, you are a liberal. 

It’s warmed-over globalism.  His gang look out for themselves first, you’re instructed how to vote and then you get the scraps.

What Jones fears is Janice McGeachin.  His elitist, country club politics are more attuned to the Bush family, Rockefeller and John Kasich.  It’s warmed-over globalism.  His gang look out for themselves first, you’re instructed how to vote and then you get the scraps.

The old codger really needs a nurse and some Gerber for dinner.

What’s frightening about McGeachin?  She starred in a video last year where she held a Bible and a gun.  Yes, yes, yes, two things you would never find in an Idaho home!  I’m being facetious.  The lack-wits need an explanation.

I don’t often endorse candidates in primary elections but sure as heck won’t any longer be backing Brad Little.  The field is large enough that he can still pull out a victory.  Just remember, he didn’t get anywhere near a majority in 2018 in a three-way effort.

The argument against McGeachin in the AP story is that the “right-wing” will drive people and businesses out of the state.  Idaho has been moving rightward for several years.  The handwringers on the editorial pages have been sounding the alarm and the sound of nail guns in my neighborhood is more frequent than bird calls.  My neighborhood is filled with piles of lumber and when the work is completed it will have tripled in size.  Sure, nobody wants to live here.  It takes me twenty minutes to drive two blocks at noon on a Saturday in order to pick up a pizza.  Help wanted signs are all over town.

The bellyaching of Jones and his allies is the cry of elites who fear sharing power with the serfs.  Let them wail!

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