I hope she doesn’t drink the water!  Idaho House Minority Leader Ilana Rubel is visiting Botswana.  Sure, it’s on my bucket list as well.  Right up there with root canals, dysentery, and social diseases.  But I’ve been doing some sleuthing, and it turns out the African nation is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, with a climate that appears similar to places in southern Idaho.  One of her colleagues, Ned Burns, told me Ilana is on safari.

I’m not sure she has the heart to shoot an elephant, but when you consider the party the species represents here at home, just maybe she’ll take a crack at one.  It could be cathartic.

Considering the frequency of coups in that part of the world, she could also have a new role by the end of the week.  From Minority Leader to Maximum Leader in a matter of 24 hours.  Give her a balcony and some sunglasses and Ilana is in business!  I would believe she has some great appeal for impoverished constituents.  She’s a well-known redistributionist.

Just fire up the printing press as one popular leader did in neighboring Zimbabwe.

Photo by Rob on Unsplash
Photo by Rob on Unsplash

I could see the attraction of staying there (and Republicans in Idaho would certainly be supportive!)  The weather isn’t nearly as unpredictable.  You probably do not need an ice scraper, and there aren’t many plumbing bills when you consider the country is one great big loo!

Oh, and with Zoom, she can still appear Wednesday mornings on my show.

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