In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday which is right around the corner, I thought I'd share a great video I recently came across that involves an Ada County police officer and two irate gobblers.

This video hit a nerve in me. I used to visit a park with my son that had a massive pond smack dab in the middle. Every time we got to a specific part of the park, a wild goose would target me. It was like trying to dodge a bully in the schoolyard. I ultimately stopped going, because shooting the damn thing in front of my son probably wouldn't have gone over well.

Thanksgiving is two weeks from Thursday, and we are for the second consecutive year hosting family at our place. We are big turkey fans in my household, and have been known to substitute it for red meat in burgers, soups, and pasta dishes. This video you're about to watch is both hilarious, and appetizing.

This footage cracks me the hell up. The Idaho police officer pulls off to the side of the road when he sees the turkeys are creating a potential traffic problem. Three of the giant birds can be seen in the video, but only two of them decide to be confrontational. When the use of his voice doesn't deter the turkeys, he tries his baton, gently waving it and taping the street. These gobblers are not having any of it.

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and don't forget to attend this year's Christmas in the Nighttime Sky at Kimberly Nurseries in Twin Falls. The event is the day after Thanksgiving, on November 26.

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