Congratulations to all of those who got tickets, Garth Brooks has officially sold out!

Out of curiosity, I tried to get on to the ticketmaster page to get tickets at 10:07 a.m. There was already over 2000 people in front of me and I never even got to see the order page.

We knew that he was going to sell out fast but less than an hour is pretty insane. So if you were lucky enough and diligent enough to get tickets, big congratulations to you! You are some of the roughly 50,000 people going.

This is the first time that Albertson's Stadium has held an event like this. They have never done a concert before so it seems fitting that their first one is one of the biggest country music artists out there.

If you haven't gotten tickets make sure you keep checking back with us. We will be having some tickets to give away in the upcoming weeks. All hope is not completely lost yet!

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